game computer - Xtra-PC PRO 32 GB USB 3.0, 10 Application SUITE  + 10 GAMES

Xtra-PC PRO 32 GB USB 3.0, 10 Application SUITE + 10 GAMES

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BEST DEALS FOR XTRA PC ON EBAY BEST DEALS FOR XTRA PC ON EBAY WITH APPS AND GAMES THAT ARE ACTUALLY USEFUL I REALLY THINK YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE THIS SYSTEM AND IT IS MY PLEASURE TO BRING IT TO YOU. .32 GB USB . . BECAUSE XTRA PC IS BASED ON LINUX IT IS OF COURSE FREE OF VIRUSES AND FREE OF ANY MALWARE SPYWARE OR ADWARE SO ENJOY NOT HAVING YOUR MACHINE SLOWED DOWN BY THE BLOATWARE AND NO NEED TO ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE OF ANY KIND  EXCLUSIVE APPS INCLUDED THAT NO ONE ELSE INCLUDES AND ARE VERY NECESSARY AND VERY USEFUL APPLICATIONS AND GAMES READY TO USE EXCLUSIVE APPS 1. KDEN LIVE VIDEO EDITOR You'll be able to create YouTube videos like a professional with this Kden live Easy to use video editor programwith total functionallity 2. AUDACITY A Full featured audio editor used by professionals which will enable editing of audio with ease. Very useful for writing music much like Garage Band 3. GIMP A powerful photo editor like Adobe Photoshop be it better with more features and easier to use 4. OPEN OFFICE A fully featured office suite with Excel word publisher PowerPoint and EMAIL Software  5. CHEESE A piece of software for Operating your webcam or other attached cameras 6. BRASERO A program for writing files or movies to CD DVD & BLURAY 7 VLC MEDIA CENTER For all your video watching needs, 8. AUDACIOUS For storing audio similar but better than ITUNES EXCLUSIVE GAMES 1. LTRIS A really amazing Tetris clone , better than the original 2. BRUTAL CHESS this is probably the hardest version of Chess I know and since chess is a must for any operating system I've put it on here for you to use and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it   3. ZAZ A fast paced space invaders type game with tubes and rubber balls 4. KAPMAN. A clone of the classic PacMan but with a guy wearing a cowboy hat Instead of a circle with a triangle Missing. Very fun and fast paced 5. PINGUS A very good lemmings clone. Better graphics and better stages. A lot of fun with different levels and themed level sets included. 6. WARZONE 2100 this is another really great game a Command and Conquer, Red Alert clone based in the year 2100 it's a lot of fun and I'm sure you're going to enjoy this one 7.  MICROPOLIS This is almost an exact clone of the original SimCity game it's a lot of fun and a lot of challenges to have fun with and all the original plus some extra fun quirks to the game. you will really enjoy this 8. BENEATH A STEEL SKY this is a challenging adventure game about the apocalypse and you have to try and save the world it's quite fun quite hard and quite a lot of puzzles to solve and it is fun to play  9. CYTADELA This game is a doom clone just like the original doom it's full of aliens to shoot and a lot of fun to play and you're really going to like playing this one I know that. Just watch out for the hanging aliens 10. ATOMIC TANKS this is an artillery ranging game and a lot of fun for two or more players. The aim of the game is to try to knock the opponents out of the game before they knock you out. I hope you all enjoy the selection of games and applications that I've put on here for you. FREE SHIPPING THIS IS A VERY LIGHT ITEM THEREFORE I DO NOT CHARGE ANY SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. I PAY SHIPPING AND ANYONE SELLING THIS ITEM SHOULD HAVE FREE SHIPPING ALSO I offer full before and after sale service to get you up and running COMES WITH FULL SETUP AND USER INSTRUCTIONS GET IT HERE FIRST AT A FAIR PRICE.. THE GNU/GPL SOFTWARE LICENSE. AS REQUIRED BY LAW and which I have got. You'll receive a copy of the license on the desktop of Xtra PC I will help your every step of the way I love using Xtra PC and I really want to make it easier for people to get. That's why I started doing this. I hope you'll enjoy Linux as much as I do and that my experience with it can help others to get more out of Linux I urge you to Give it a'll be glad you did, I know that I'm glad I use it. My only wish would be that I wish I discovered Linux sooner but better late than never . Boot USB Drive.For both PCs and Mac computers. Condition is Brand New. Sent within Australia to the rest of the world . Huge library of free applications and games. MAXIMUM PORTABILITY This USB gives you your operating system plus your storage space all on one fast USB. This means you can take the USB to any computer, turn boot from the USB and you'll be able to run Xtra pc and access the files you saved to the extra PC USB operating system and from the hard drive of the computer. DATA RECOVERY Is your hard drive failing or can't get into windows to get your FILES off the hard drive, well this is your answer because XTRA PC allows you access to struggling hard drives and so can recover data off a worn hard drive and transport it to the USB INTERNAL SPACE Which when you minus the space that the operating system takes up,That leaves you with 26 GB of storage space on the USB to get your files off safe before your old hard drive fails BETTER THAN A NEW COMPUTER FOR STUDENTS You can boot this USB on any computer Apple or PC. This means students can bring do their work on their own operating system whether at home or at school using both school and home computers which means no heavy laptops to lug around or break or have stolen or water damaged. This fits into a students wallet. Safe and secure. TOTALLY SELF CONTAINED Xtra-PC Runs independently of your hard drive so you can run it on a computer with no hard disk inside so it will not effect your Windows or Mac OS operating systems . When you shut down and remove the USB. The PC will boot back to Windows or Mac OS NO VIRUSES Unlike Microsoft windows . Linux isn't targeted by hackers since the user base is only in around 1.5% of the worlds computer systems . You are more likely to get struck by an asteroid than get a virus in Xtra PC . SAFE FROM SPYWARE All software here and within Xtra PC comes from only trusted software depositories ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR DISTRIBUTIONS As one of the most widely used distros based on Lubuntu, Which Xtra PC is based on, has a huge support base online. No shortage of help available... . I HAVE ALSO HEARD FROM THE INVENTOR OF LINUX . Linus Torvalds. He Says And I'm para phrasing," The one thing I wish is for more people to use Linux on their computer since Linux already control planes and televisions and spacecraft. The international Space Station" and even ATM's Why buy a version of extra PC that can do so little from anywhere else when you can get this version and actually be able to do so much THIS that will do more than xtra-pc promises including production of videos education audio production and a stack of great games all in the one USB right here and only here. Don't trust imitators this is the place where you get it working first time. THIS IS WHERE TO GET AN REALLY USEFUL OPERATING SYSTEM ON A PORTABLE AND A PRIVATE USB STICK WITH A RANGE OF FUN AND PRODUCTIVE STUFF TO DO YOU HAVE COME TO THR RIGHT PLACE I HOPE YOU ENJOY XTRA-PC. Linux® is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.

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