Computer Games - XTRA-PC TURBO 16 GB USB, YOUTUBE VIDEO DOWNLOADER, 14 Games and 10 Applications,

XTRA-PC TURBO 16 GB USB, YOUTUBE VIDEO DOWNLOADER, 14 Games and 10 Applications,

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10.FileRez File Recovery Software that helps you recover data from difficult to access hard drives GAMES 1.LTRIS A really amazing Tetris clone , better than the original 2.BRUTAL CHESS this is probably the hardest version of Chess I know and since chess is a must for any operating system I've put it on here for you to use and I'm sure you're going to enjoy it   3.ZAZ A fast paced space invaders type game with tubes and rubber balls 4.KAPMAN A clone of the classic PacMan but with a guy wearing a cowboy hat Instead of a circle with a triangle Missing. Very fun and fast paced 5.BOSWARS This is a really fun command and Conquer red alert type game that you're going to really like if you like that sort of thing it's really well done and a great fun game to play. 6.FLIGHT OF THE AMAZON QUEEN This is a challenging point-and-click adventure game that I think you're going to enjoy that is quite a challenge and takes a clever mind to finish 7.ARMAGETRONAD This game is a fun challenging three-dimensional snakelike game where you challenge others or the computer and must avoid the outside edges or hitting yourself or other snakes 8.GWELED This is a game much like Bejeweled but on Linux as a great game. lots of fun and very challenging and I think you'll enjoy it 9.PINGUS This is a Lemmings clone and it is a lot of fun to play it also has characters based on Pingus rather than on the Lemmings characters which is the character that Linux is based on the Linux penguin with some very detailed backgrounds and platform levels to play 10.BURGER SPACE Simply make as many burgers as you can without your character being wiped out.The very fun game and a lot of challenging levels. 11.NEVER PUTT This is a really fun mini golf game that you can play yourself or against other people and it has a lot of challenging holes that are a lot of fun to play that I'm sure you're going to enjoy it 12.BZ FLAG. Be the first to capture the flag in this engaging military online game that you're definitely going to enjoy playing. 13.PINBALL This is a very good pinball game that will give you hours and hours of fun and I know you're going to enjoy this one if you like pinball 14.ENIGMA Balance the balls around the mazes without them falling off or going into the traps this is a clever fun game.

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