Jewellery - Opal GEM Drop Dangle Ear Climber Stud Ring Bar Cartilage Helix Piercing Earring

Opal GEM Drop Dangle Ear Climber Stud Ring Bar Cartilage Helix Piercing Earring

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Category: Body Jewellery

CAT*AND*MONSTER SHOP Let's Do Some Shopping... Item Description: Item ID: BJ63 BJ64  BJ60 BJ85  BJ86 BJ87 BJ233 BJ234 BJ235 BJ216 BJ217 BJ195 BJ188 BJ185 BJ183 BJ145 BJ146 BJ141 BJ140 BJ138 BJ189 BJ197 BJ198 BJ199 BJ200 BJ201 BJ202 BJ203 BJ269 BJ270 BJ363 BJ364 BJ365 BJ366 BJ367 BJ368 BJ369 BJ370 BJ371 BJ372 BJ373 BJ374 BJ375 BJ376 BJ379 Material: 316L Steel Gauge & Size: 0.8mm -- 1.2mm Size: Style 1: 15mm x 5mm Style 2: 12mm x 5mm Style 3: 14mm x 5mm Style 4: 14mm x 6mm Style 5: 18mm x 6mm Style 6: 9.5mm x 6mm Remind: The body hoop clickers are designed to hold tightly to ensure they don't open accidentally. It can be quite difficult if you are just using your fingers, especially when your hoop is the very small size. To open, we recommend you use a pair of Ring Opening Pliers. Gold Filled Jewelry Guide -Gold-filled jewelry, also known as "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate" is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. -Gold-filled jewelry is a reasonably priced, quality alternative to solid gold (Ease your mind about losing expensive jewelry but still makes you stand out in occasions like wedding, parties, etc.). -Gold filled jewelry is not lifetime jewelry, however, it has longer life than gold plated items as the gold layer is thicker. -Gold Filled Jewlery contains metal inside and would cause skin allergic reactions, it is not suitable for people who have allergic/sensitive skin. Gold Filled Jewelry Caring Tips --Wear. Remove Gold Filled jewelry before showering, applying lotion, make-up, hairspray and perfume. Always remove gold filled jewelry before swimming, showers and before using chlorine bleach or chlorine-based cleaning solutions. Otherwise the gold layer outside would be damaged. -Clean. An effective and inexpensive way to buff your gold filled jewelry with a soft cloth. If you use a jewelry polishing cloth, make sure the cloth is meant for gold. Make sure any cleaning products you use are safe for gold. --Storage. Store gold filled jewelry in a soft fabric-lined jewelry box or wrap it in soft material and store it in a re-sealable plastic bag to prevent scratches and oxidation. Keep pieces separate from each other to prevent scratching. Payment & Shipping --Domestic Buyers, we accept Paypal & Band Deposit Payment. --International Buyers, we accept Paypal Payment. --Same Day or Next Day dispatch (exclude weekends and holidays)

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