Computer Games - Computer Games: A Bibliography with Indexes by Blair Carter

Computer Games: A Bibliography with Indexes by Blair Carter

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The constant changes in technology have made a definitive impact on our daily lives, from work to play. And it is this 'play' part around which a lucrative industry has grown. From such humble beginnings as the game of Pong and the now-archaic Commodore 64, video games and computers have come a long way. Computers become obsolete seemingly as soon as they are purchased. Each year brings with it a new, hot game system that allows for more realism and high-tech features than last year's model, and a steady stream of game titles is a staple of any electronics store. Our collective obsession with computer games has led to criticism that we have become too sedentary and neglect 'real' life. However, many of these games involve intricate strategies and the use of hand-eye co-ordination. Aside from the multibillion industry of game production - with such giants as Sega, Nintendo, and Microsoft - considerable academic research has gone into devising the best tactics for game success. The cutting edge of technological thought and development shines in the area of the computer gaming, making what began as a simple and entertaining diversion into a serious and popular field of study and play. This book serves as a portal to the vast array of literature about computer games. A substantial and carefully selected bibliography is the central feature, with a thorough listing of the most relevant writings on the field of computer gaming highlighted. Further access to this information is then provided by author, title, and subject indexes. In order to stay abreast of the most recent advances in video gaming and computers, one must understand the base of knowledge this book cites, creating a valuable reference resource.

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