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🌟AU Stock🌟 Epoxy Resin Kit Clear Epoxy Coating Art Jewellery

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 CRYSTAL CLEAR EPOXY CASTING RESIN Our high-quality casting resin is for a wide range of applications Our Epoxy casting resin is a 2-part 1 to 1 (equal parts by weight) Crystal clear self-levelling resin which when mixed can be used for a wide variety of applications, such as Artworks, resin paintings, small castings, jewellery, arts and craft and much more.   No VOC’s, No fumes or solvents, Non-flammable, Self-levelling, Anti-Yellowing, Low viscosity to help with superior air bubble release     GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions and notes before you start    Safety – Use in a properly ventilated area. Wear safety glasses, and gloves.  KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Use only with adequate ventilation, avoid contact with skin and eyes Measuring & Mixing – When you are ready for the pour, pre-mix parts A and B thoroughly. Parts A & B are 1 to 1 by weight (note parts A & B have different density’s so they are to be mixed by weight only)  mix thoroughly for 3 to 5 minutes making sure that you scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container several times. Pouring – For best results, pour your mixture in a single spot at the lowest point of the mould/master. Working time at (77°F/25°C) is 30 to 40 minutes, Demoulding 4 to 6 hours Curing – Full cure 36 hours Details may change current at the time of publication.

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