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3x Isa Slot Computer PC Intel Pentium Mmx Windows 98 Sound Lan Old Games

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This auction is si This auction is about Olvetti computer with Intel 166Mhz MMX CPU & 64MB RAM with 3x ISA slot, 2x RS-232, parallel port, 2x USB & with Creative Sound Card & 3COM Ethernet Card 10/100 Model: Olivetti Modulo M-166X DT CPU Intel Pentium MMX 166MHz, 64MB SDRAM, Intel 430HX chipset, 8GB IDE hard drive, CD-ROM drive, 1.44 floppy drive, 3x ISA slot, 3x PCI slots, 6x 72-pin SIMMs slots, 2x USB port 2x IDE port, FDD port, parallel port, RS-232 serial port, PS / 2 port for keyboard & mouse, ATI Rage II on-board graphics card, Creative PCI Sound Card, 3COM PCI network card 10 / 100Mbit Ideal for, Windows 98, 2000 & for Ms-dos , for machine control.  The computer is fully functional. all drivers for Windows 98 are already installed tested with Windows 98! 100% OK! Windows 98 was installed with drivers If you have any further questions, you can always contact us by email This picture was made by me (original picture): Scope of delivery: Computer as shown and described Condition: good condition, technically - 100% OK! Warehouse N: OLV002 We are at your disposal for any questions or further information. Good luck and have fun bidding & buying! Important information for buyers living outside of Germany. First of all, thank you for visiting our Internet Shop. We value your interest and are always happy to help you. Each client is unique for us and we have a special approach to everyone. We have been working with computers professionally since 1990. We know all subtleties and specifics of malfunctions of practically all personal computers. We know Operating Systems starting with Ms-dos 3.3, Win 3.1 and so on very well. We also have an extensive sales experience. We are confident in the computers and other products that we sell. We are certain that they do not break on their own. We do not give a guarantee for the software. This is due to the reason that in 99% cases software breakdowns are the result of human factor. All of our computers have been cleaned from dust and dirt. All electronic components are in working order. BIOS batteries are replaced with new ones. If you buy a computer from us you buy a finished product that you can immediately start using. However unfortunately not all postal services treat the parcels accurately. Quite often the postal workers are handling packages very carelessly. Therefore it happens so that during transit video cards and RAM memory modules may unsnap from their slots. This happens very rarely but still does. This is neither our or your fault. You need to open the computer cover and push down on the video card or RAM module so that they would snap into their place. (You can ask someone with a basic understanding to do this as technical knowledge of computers is not required for this.) It is going to cost a lot less than shipping the computer back. Based on the above we do not cover the cost of return shipments. We are sure that the computers we sell are in 100% working order. Therefore you can also be sure of this. Shipping to Europe and non-EU countries: We are located in Germany, and therefore if you purchase from us, you shall receive a parcel from Germany. We understand that shipping costs to the Americas, Asia, Africa and so on are very high. We are trying to minimize the prices as much as our postal services allow us to. We are usually shipping via DHL. However, you shall be receiving your parcel through your city postal service. In general, a parcel addressed to a non-EU country is delivered in 2-3 weeks. However, delays happen. We guarantee that after you make a purchase, we shall process your order as quickly as possible, pack the item as good as possible and pass it on to the postal service. We shall make everything that depends on us as soon as it is possible. Unfortunately, we cannot in any way influence the delivery process that follows. Usually, the delivery delays happen in the destination country. Sometimes you have to make a call to your Postal Service and remind them about yourself and your parcel. (It is easier for you to do that as you are speaking the same language as your Post and can confirm Your address, as it happens that the address could be misread.) Many thanks!   etope-lister This auction is si This auction is about Model: Olivetti Modulo M-166X DT The computer is fully functional. tested with Windows 98! 100% OK! Windows 98 was installed with drivers Warehouse N: OLV002 Good luck and have fun bidding & buying! Shipping to Europe and non-EU countries: Many thanks!   e

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